A Beautiful Day

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Making my “Rental Sweet Rental” a “Home Sweet Home”

Hubby: check. Apartment: check.

Got all the necessities, but it was finally time for  my favorite things – those that are not necessary. It was time to add my personal creative touch to our new apartment!

We picked out a sweet little one bedroom apartment with “granite-inspired” countertops, *cough*laminate*cough* hardwood flooring, and a large balcony overlooking the beautiful Sandia Mountains to the east, and the city lights to the west. Little by little, I have begun to fix it up.

Here are a few of my most recent projects in my adventure in turning our new apartment into a home:

Burlap and Lavender Wreath for our front door

Living Room. Large pillow – TJMaxx. White pillow – I made. Blue Pillow – I decorated. Tutorial here.

Hand drawn, and twine bordered coasters & chevron painted tray for our coffee table

Basket of lavender to hide the ugly outlet between our entertainment center and bookshelf. That box still holds all the cards from our wedding this summer.

Kitchen table. Bird plates-W&S. Yellow dinnerware – Sunflower Fiestaware from Macy’s.

Meanwhile our bedroom is…. well let’s call it a clean slate. No artistic touch whatsoever. Well besides the two small handmade cacti that I snagged from an old display at my job at Anthropologie. (I’ll post pics once our bedroom is somewhat presentable) .

In the meantime, here are a few things I would like to have made/accomplished by the time the semester starts.

Recreate this chandelier from Anthropologie. Both our living room and bedroom have no overhead light.


Pallet display to hang over our couch and put pictures & other knick knacks in


Painted chevron rug for under our coffee table. We need one more bright pop of color in that room! Actually – make that two. I want curtains.


Also to add to my list:
Continue blogging! Keep checking back. I plan to add SO MUCH MORE to this site. Hopefully tutorials, giveaways, and lots of other things.

So there ya go. My to do list for the remainder of the summer. Hold me to it!

What crafts/designs have you done this summer? What are you planning to do?