This is not a war against men.


If you are a returning reader, you will notice that not only has it been nearly a year since my last post (so sorry!), but the tone of this post is much different than my previous posts. Honestly, I struggled with even writing this. With so many opinions, and voices, and commentaries in the media today on the subject of femininity, the concept is becoming clouded at best. Will one more voice only make it worse?

But then I realized that any voice speaking the word of God, words of truth, needs to be heard. And that’s what I felt lead to do today, simply share what God has put on my heart. Lord knows, I do not have all the answers. I struggle with understanding God’s design for femininity everyday. But one thing I do know, is that the way women are viewed today, and the boxes our culture has locked women into, are not God’s intentions.

For the past year or so, the mental struggle between feminism and godly characteristics of women has been weighing heavy on my mind. And that struggle was brought to the forefront of my mind today, once again, when I watched the documentary, “Miss Representation”. This documentary shows how the over-sexualization of women in our media is counterproductive to the empowerment of women. And I fully support that realization. However, while watching (and feeling) this realization unfold throughout the documentary, I felt a slightly unhealthy backlash begin to unfold as well in the ending of this film, through the little comments and quips coming from women supporting our empowerment. And while I truly believe these women have good, honorable intentions, and their words are not meant to be destructive in any way, it added a little more hurt to an already heartbreaking situation. Mainly, in hearing what one woman said,

“If women don’t stand up for each other, then no one else will. No ones going to look out for the interests of women, except other women.”
– Lisa Ling
Executive Producer & Host
OWN’s Our America

That quote was meant to be inspiring, and I’m sure it left a feeling of empowerment with many women. But for me it was disheartening. Lisa Ling voices the thought that so many girls and women think every day. And it leads me to wonder, When did this become a battle between men and women?

Women’s beauty is being attacked, and no doubt, someone needs to stand up. Women were inherently created to be beautiful, their beauty reflects one of the greatest attributes of God. As John and Staci Eldridge say in their book, Captivating, “Beauty is without question, the most essential and the most misunderstood of all God’s qualities – of all feminine qualities too.” And yet, it is being used against women – to violate women. Women are objectified for their good looks, or rather patronized for their lack of good looks. On the other side of the spectrum, they are recognized only for how they present themselves physically, and their actual deeds and qualifications are being overlooked. I won’t dive headfirst into this argument today. I think “Miss Representation” actually did an incredible job of exposing this problem, and I highly recommend watching it. But it leads me on to my point by saying that in reality, God created Eve to be essential. “She has an irreplaceable role to play. And so you’ll see that women are endowed with fierce devotion, an ability to suffer great hardships, a vision to make the world a better place” (Eldridge, 33). Women were not created to stand quietly in the background. So many times people (sadly, sometimes, especially Christians) misunderstand the traditional, “helper”, role of women to mean that they are lesser in God’s eyes, and less capable than a man. When in reality, nothing stands farther from the truth. The core truth of Christianity empowers women more than any other religion in the world. And yet women who stand up, and voice this truth are mocked and ridiculed, and silenced – leaving them to feel as if they are fighting this battle on their own – that not even their Christian brothers will stand beside them and recognize their value.

When did the burden fall completely upon us, as women, to make this essential role known? When did this role become seen as a threat to masculinity, rather than full-fledged support, that masculinity and femininity should actually stand hand in hand? God created men and women to work together, not to be at war with one another. Men do not need a women by their side to succeed, God is able to lead them to succeed. But men are blessed with the support and motivation of women around them when women choose to represent the attributes of God. Likewise, women do not need to be protected or need to be enabled by a man in order to be strong. God provides our strength. But yet, a godly man will protect and stand for the daughters of Christ, because that is what they are called to do.

What a brilliantly executed scheme the devil has devised to make us think that we are enemies, that only one of us can be in control, or that we have to be the exact same to be equal. To make us feel that we are fighting this battle alone.

I want to be clear in saying that I am well aware of the godly men out there fighting for the representation of women, and I am so thankful for them. Thank you for recognizing the potential God has given us, and for standing beside us, and not seeing it as a threat to the role God has bestowed upon you. I also recognize that there are godly women out there who live with a healthy balance of strength and power in their lives and at the same time hold a respect for the men around them, not feeling that men are the enemy, but that rather we are counterparts, each designed by God to be powerful in different ways.


My intention with this post is to provoke thought, and much prayer. That we as a people, especially Christians, will make it our goal to bring humanity back to what God intended it to be. That men and women’s qualities complement each other rather than stand in each others ways.
Women, please do not confuse the empowerment of woman with the fight to overpower a man. And men, please do not confuse our struggle to be honored as an attempt to dishonor you.

Ladies, take in the words you hear in media sources like “Miss Representation”. Repect youself and honor the other women around you. Demand to be respected as a woman. Create a world in which we want our daughters to be raised in. Keep fighting for the cause of women. However, fight knowing that you are not alone. God has been pushing for our honor and protection and respect all along. This is not a war against men, this is a war against evil. And Satan is fighting against men as well in his battle against femininity. Please be patient with them as God opens their eyes to the truth, and opens our eyes as well.


Stocking Stuffers for Him and for Her

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you were not brave enough to face the crowds and finish your Christmas gift shopping on Black Friday.

But no worries, I’ve put together a collection of stocking stuffers both for him and for her.

Instead of buying the typical candy and gift cards, (Okay, maybe gift cards are still okay. Who doesn’t love the extra shopping money?), here are a few unique and thoughtful gifts that are sure to be loved. (At least, I know I would certainly love them…)

Stocking Stuffers for Her |

1. Bare Minereals Ready 4.0 – Eyeshadow Quad in “The Afterparty”. Perfect for the smokey eye she’ll be rocking to all the upcoming New Year’s parties. (Sephora, $30)

2. Catching Snowflakes Faux Fur Mittens – Cozy and stylish. (Ruche, $18.99)

3. Daybreak Bracelet in Black – with the perfect gold accent that is so in during the holiday season. (Francescas, $18)

4. Jukebox Lip Salve in Rose – packaged in a beautifully retro tin, this salve will keep her lips soft despite the harsh winter wind. (Anthropologie, $7)

5. Mini Voluspa Candle in Goji Berry – Looks so cute, and smells so good. Her favorite candle is now in a smaller size, yet still fills the whole room with the smell of cold-pressed tarocco orange blended with sun-dried goji berries. (Anthropologie, $10)

6. Plush Stole – So unique, warm and stylish. Definitely worthy of multiple compliments throughout the season. (Anthropologie, $48)

7. Gold Foil Pocket Notebooks – A set of two beautiful metallic notebooks, the perfect size to fit in her purse. (Rifle Paper Co., $10)


1.  Blues II Beanie – Stylish enough for everyday wear, and warm enough for the slopes. (The North Face, $25)

2. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge – A must read for every man. (Amazon, $11.35)

3.  Horned Beauty Bottle Opener – Cool enough for him, and loved enough by you to display in your kitchen. And a plus: Each one is unique. (Anthropologie, $28)

4.  Burton Touchscreen Liner Glove – Now he won’t have to remove his gloves to send you that sweet text. (Urban Outfitters, $24)

5. Urban Renewal German Leather Keychain – Rugged and practical – men’s two favorite things. (Urban Outfitters, $14)

A Beautiful Day

My husband and I are so honored and excited to announce that our wedding has been featured on Rustic Wedding Chic! If you are interested in having a look at it, click here. It would be an understatement to say … Continue reading

Ever So Thankful

It has been much too long since my last post.
And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I would write a quick little post to offer you all a thanksgiving printable!

To download it click here  —->Thankful

I printed mine out on card stock and put it in a pretty frame behind some glass.  Everyday I write on the glass with a dry erase marker what I am thankful for that day. Not only is it a wonderful reminder, but it adds a little bit of festive flair to my home!

You Are My Sunshine

Hey guess what?

There’s a new collection available in my shop.

8×10 Print

4×5.5″ Greeting Card

Basically, I wanted to have a yellow print in my kitchen and then I decided it’d make a great card too.
So there you have it – inspiring right?

But the reason I wanted a yellow print is
1) I’ve always wanted a yellow kitchen and it’s lacking some yellow,
and 2) I just created the Burlap Bulletin Board I mentioned here.
It’s hanging above our kitchen table right now, and is a little bare at the moment but I’m hoping to pin up some more yellow stuff to bring in the color, and also hopefully some cute seasonal stuff. (That’s why I have a picture of my husband and I and our last jack-o-lantern).
I’m quite happy with it, I’m not gonna lie. I just need to add stuff to it. If anyone has any ideas on what I could add, please  leave a comment & let me know!

(please excuse my bad iPhone photography)

I’m in the process of decorating our kitchen. It’s a slow process, I try to add things here and there when I can. But I would just really love to have the yellow kitchen I’ve always dreamed of – I just love the sunshine-y look of them. But so far, here are a few little touches I’ve added to our little apartment kitchen.

A dry-erase message board. I drew a cute little breakfast drawing this morning which my husband decided to turn into a modern day telling of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendigo (the spelling of which I probably just butchered).

My Anthro zinc letter knock offs hanging above the sink

A couple yellow spatulas to add a pop of color. (I also love my bird can opener, Antrho milk jug measuring cups, and “made with love” heart wooden spoon)

More pops of yellow appear around the kitchen in my dishes. (canisters are from Williams and Sonoma)

Someday, it will be some much more grande. In the meantime, here are some yellow kitchens that I love:

So lovely…

What do you all think? Do you also dream of a sweet yellow kitchen? Or what does your dream kitchen look like?

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My Dear Giveaway Winner

The winner has officially been chosen for the My Dear giveaway!

And the winner is…..

(drumroll please)


If you didn’t win, you will have another opportunity in the future, so don’t worry.
If you really wanted part of the My Dear collection, it is available in my etsy shop for purchase, so feel free to order it there!

As you probably know, this was the first giveaway. The system for entering didn’t work as well as I thought it would, so I chose from my email followers (and also included those who took advantage of the extra entry opportunity)

But there will be a better system in the future!

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Autumn Inspirations

I absolutely love fall.
You just need to know that about me. I just think its so wonderful. I love the trees changing colors. I love the weather. I love the clothes – scarves, boots, sweaters, all of it. And to top it off, my birthday is in October. It’s just great.
And since fall is quickly approaching, I have felt extra inspired lately and just thought I would share with you a couple of the things I’m hoping to make or acquire this season.



Buckled Felt Skirt – Anthropologie $98


Dashes Knit Blazer – Anthropologie $98


Printed Column Maxi Skirt – Anthropologie $118



I want to create some kind of fall wreath


DIY Burlap Bulletin Boards


Ruffled Lamp Shade – either with burlap or linen

So there’s a couple of my craft ideas for the upcoming season! I’m hoping they’re more attainable than my last ideas
(UPDATE: I have begun on the chandelier, unfortunately its been slightly difficult. Don’t worry, I won’t give up! And I have the rug ready to paint, just waiting to get together with my lovely friend for a rug painting party. The pallet.. still trying to find one)

Also, there’s about one week left until the end of the GIVEAWAY!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to track who pinned or tweeted or liked on facebook. So as of now I will be choosing the winner from my current followers. If you want an extra entry, comment on this post telling me your favorite part of fall.
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Early Bird Collection

Here it is – The newest collection

8×10 Print

Market List Notepad

Thank You Card Set of 10

So far, there are three items in the collection – A Print (perfect for the kitchen!), a Market List Notepad, and a set of Thank You Notes.

The inspiration came to me while I was doing the dishes actually-  as I reached for one of my tea towels to dry something. As a very special bridal shower gift, I had received a set of tea towels from my husband’s granny.  They were passed down from many generations past. They are absolutely beautiful, all hand-stiched, and I just love the vintage style of them. I have one for each day of the week.

I decided they would make such a cute vintage collection. So there you have it.

As for the reason I picked Proverbs 31:25 – I have been doing a personal daily study of Proverbs 31. It’s my goal to become as close to the Proverbs 31 woman that I can, and so I’m reading it over and over and over again. Each day, I can usually get something new from it – even if it’s small.

This particular verse talks about her rising early in the morning to provide food for her household. She does not put her selfish desire of sleep before the needs of her family – which isn’t always easy to do. I started out waking up every morning to make my husband a gourmet breakfast, when we first got married. (And I truly did enjoy doing so!) But lately, he’s been having ROTC training at 7:00 in the morning, and has to leave at 6:30… So I have been sleeping in…

But I’m working on it. It will improve! I have just felt considerably lazy- has anybody else been struggling with this lately?

Anyway, so that was just a small personal goal of mine, and an encouraging verse from one of my favorite chapters.

So that is how the Early Bird collection came together!

If you would like to purchase any of the items from the collection, please visit my shop!

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Our Bedroom Makeover

We finally did it! Our bedroom is no longer a clean slate.

Unfortunately, I do not have a “before” picture to show you. (The room was so boring and awful that I never felt inclined to take a picture of it) However, I now wish I had, because the transformation is incredible.

So instead, just picture a white, boring room with nothing but a mattress on the floor. Got it? Okay now….


Lamps and Throw – T.J.Maxx, Handmade Cacti – from old display at Anthropologie

Our new bedroom :)

The theme of it is centered around the blanket hanging behind our bed. It was a wedding present from my husband’s aunt, who is a missionary in Kazakhstan.
It is an antique called a “Bride’s Bed”. From what I understood from what she told us, in Kazakhstan, when a woman is about to get married, she and the other women in her family sit down and create this beautiful tapestry for the bride to hang over her new marriage bed. The bottom is left unfinished and un-hemmed, as it is meant to hang behind the headboard.

It was such a special, unique, beautiful and generous gift that we wanted it to make it the focal point of our bedroom.

Since I didn’t want the colors in our bedroom to be too loud or over stated, we went with solid white bedding. (Duvet & Duvet cover – Target. Sheets – T.J.Maxx)

I then made the throw pillow to match. I bought other material to make more, but I kind of like it with just the one. What do you think?


The furniture set was a wedding gift from my husband’s parents. (awesome, right?) It’s great because not only do we not have to sleep on a mattress on the floor and keep our clothes in cardboard boxes, but it has a ton of awesome features. I especially love the cubbies on the headboard (which light up!), and the shallow top drawers on all the furniture. (A perfect place to keep my jewelry!)



Now, the only thing left to do is decorate the walls. Luckily, it won’t take much since the Bride’s Bed brightens up the room quite a bit already. But here are a few things I am hoping to do:

-Hang some of our wedding pictures in a collage on the wall facing our bed. Or maybe behind an old window like this:



– Make some hanging vases for flowers to hang on the wall. I have lots of mason jars left over from my wedding – I’ll probably use those.



 Also, I really want a new chandelier for that room. I was planning on making one, but that is proving rather difficult from attempting to do so for our living room, like I mentioned here. Don’t worry though, I haven’t given up. It is just taking more effort than I originally anticipated. So we’ll see about the bedroom. I may just have to splurge….

And lastly – I want a few more eclectic touches, but nothing too crazy. Just a few little things to make it fun. Any ideas?

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My new Etsy Shop is up and running! Check it out, will ya?

There you can purchase my new collection: “My Dear“. (Learn about the inspiration behind this collection here)

Also, just added to the shop are the Hand Drawn Coasters featured in this post.

If there’s is anything you would like to be available for purchase in my shop, just let me know!

Also, expect a new collection soon. I’m hoping to do one per week. Is there anything specific you would like to see?

Coming Soon:

A Home Decor post on our new bedroom! Our furniture is finally being delivered on Saturday, and I have a feeling it is going to make the room look awesome.